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Grow | Zion Lutheran Church, Hollidaysburg, PA




Please contact the Church Office (office@zionhollidaysburg.org)  or calling the church at (814)695-0091 to arrange for baptism of your child or yourself.


We practice an open table, at which all the baptized who desire communion with the presence of Christ are welcome to come and receive.

First Communion Instructions:

5th graders (or older) who are not receiving Holy Communion meet in the Spring for 1st Communion Instruction. First Communions are usually celebrated on Palm Sunday. The classes for 1st Communion Instruction are held for both the first communicant and his/her parent or guardian.



         Process of Confirmation:

The three year process is designed to provide clarity and flexibility while facilitating a young person’s faith journey.  Any parents of youth who have completed sixth (6th) grade and have not been confirmed are asked to contact the church office for additional information.



Please contact the Church Office (office@zionhollidaysburg.org) or calling the church at (814) 695-0091 to arrange to be married at Zion Lutheran Church. Premarital counseling is expected and the pastor can arrange meeting times with you to fit you and your fiance’s schedule.

Pastoral Care

As you grow throughout your life and in your Christian faith or in times of life transition you may find yourself wanting or needing pastoral care. Our pastor and lay ministers are here to provide that service. Be a blessing to others by allowing them to live out their Christian calling of service by serving you!

Stephen Ministers provide a confidential, concerned, Christian friend who will listen to you while you work through a life changing event.